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Bieber-Fever.Net | January 26, 2015

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Justin Bieber’s Top 5 Accomplishments of 2010

There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind (including haters!) that 2010 was the year of the Justin Bieber. Everyone from the 6 million twitter fans, to the basketball veteran Shaquille O’Neal, to hollywood stud Johnny Depp, has some case of Bieber Fever. Check out his top five accomplishments of 2010 in no apparent order…

ONE. Awards, awards, awards. With his beautiful vocals, stylish locks, and voting power from his 6 million+ fans, he managed to dominate the award shows. Including, but definitely not exhaustive to:

  • 3 Juno Awards nominations
  • BET Award nomination, Best New Artist (how weird would it be if he won the #1 trophy from Black Entertain Television?)
  • Four Teen Choice Awards
  • Best New Artist for MTV VMA
  • Four American Music Awards including Artist of the Year

TWO. He wrote a Best Seller! Justin Bieber isn’t old enough to vote yet, but topped the  New York Times Best Sellers and USA Today’s Best Sellers list, just to name a few. His book was the only book that some of us Beliebers would ever voluntarily pick up, and our parents were thankful of that. The 240 page book has great quality photos and tells us so much more about Justin Bieber that we didn’t already know.

THREE. Justin Bieber’s first acting debut! As Justin Bieber’s fames continues to snowball, TV Shows, in its interests to boost their ratings, have been inviting him left and right. This included the ever random, CSI, where he starred as Jason McCann, whose brother is a suspect for making bombs. The producers were so impressed, that Bieber is scheduled to star in a few more follow up episodes. Watch the full episode of Justin Bieber in CSI.

FOUR. Justin Bieber dominates Twitter. It’s true. We see everyday some sort of Twitter trend or Top Tweet that is Justin Bieber-related. Even after even after Twitter changed its algorithms to make it more difficult for him to trend…Bieber still dominated. He has 3% of Twitter servers dedicated to him, and gets about 60 tweets a second. His best friends have their thousands of followers, and people who hate or are somehow romantically linked to him get attention from Beliebers too!

FIVE. Awesome music, duh. We need to remember that Justin Bieber is a music artist, and the only reason he was so successful from one to four is because he has awesome music! With new music videos like U Smile, and new music like Pray, there’s nowhere he went wrong. Heck, he even impressed us with his alter ego, Shawty Mane.

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